About us


Maria Iacovou


Maria is a holder of batchelor degree in Hospitality from university of Sheffield.
Also, she holds a master degree from Hull university and a second master degree from University of Middlesex in educational psyschology. Maria is a senior consultant specialised in Hospitality, education and educational psychology. She also holds a guide license and she well-known in the industry. She is the speaker in many conferences and the host of educational courses in her field.

Andreas Dionisiou


Andreas is a full member of ACCA and has an experience over 20 years in accounting and financial reporting.


Andri Papaioannou


Andri is an experience accountant with over 25 years. Andri worked in audit and law firms in the past and she is hard work and committed.


Emily Stymeou

Company Administrator

Emily holds a bachelor degree from university of Athens. She was working in law firms and audit firms in the past and


Eleanna Kyriacou


Eleanna is a part time lawyer with five years experience. She holds a degree in Law from Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki and she worked in both company Law and Litigation.


Georgios Mafkas

Junior Accountant and Consultant